The Importance of Deep Connections

For a majority of people, having a deep meaningful relationship is a very scary thought. It’s something that we don’t truly embrace until we’ve done a lot of soul-searching within. In order to truly embrace someone else, you have to be able to understand and appreciate your own self.

For those of us on a journey to self-discovery, it’s a double edge sword. As we become more aware (enlightened) we crave deeper and more meaningful relationships. However, we may find ourselves stuck in a pattern because the people around us don’t want the same depth. Why? We all grow at different paces and to be honest, many people won’t reach this same level of growth. You will begin to find that lots of people in your circle of influence have no desire to change.

As your life evolves, so do your needs. You may have noticed these patterns before. When you graduate from college and begin having children. Your conversations begin to change and even your friendships begin to evolve. How often have you said, “So-and-so is still living like she’s 21, my body can’t handle that anymore.” Many more people can relate to this type of relationship evolution, fewer experience the personal growth evolution. I consider the personal growth evolution the experience we take to self-understanding internally which eventually leads to our desire for more deep connections externally.

The key to your initial frustrations, as you begin to grow your circle of influence is to release the expectations.

Many people are ok with surface level relationships and at first, this can be a source of frustration (as you try to develop deeper relationships with these people). You love these people dearly and of course, your first instinct is to try to dig deeper. But you may find this only leads to more discontent and perhaps more tension between you.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will be supportive of your growth journey and not everyone will want to come along. That’s ok. As you begin to crave more deep meaningful conversations and relationships you will have to explore outside of your existing circle of influence. It’s essential to find a group of like-minded (open and honest) people who understand and support your journey.

Why does it matter to have deep connections?

Quality friendships are proven to help contribute to your health and well-being. As we grow, we need more people in our lives that inspire our growth. If we are constantly in the position of inspiring others then we fail to take the next step. It takes a balance of different levels of friendships to develop more fulfilling relationships.

Friendship is an opportunity to love, to learn about yourself, to mature as a human being, and to open up to the full experience of life. – CHVBV Registered Psychologists, Inc.

As we grow, our circle of influence becomes increasingly important. If you are on a personal growth journey and seeking more deep meaningful connections then you are in the right place. We are all in this together and experience life in different ways. Remember to love and accept everyone in your life for who they are and your journey will be much more smooth.


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