3 Quick & Easy Tips to Stay Organized & Reduce Your Anxiety

Staying organized is a proven method for reducing anxiety and stress in your life. Your mental and emotional well-being is actually very closely related to the physical environment around you. People who appear to have everything in their life together will often have a clean and organized home. It is another way of showing and symbolizing that all their ducks are in a row. If you know someone who is all over the place with their emotions, their dwelling place will probably be disorganized. This is because we reflect on the outside what we are going through on the inside. However, the best way to change is by adjusting your environment to reflect how you want to feel. Negative emotions in life will be reinforced when you come home to clutter and mess. If you are already filled with anxiety, worry, and stress, it will only make it worse. Your mood will shift and reduce your anxiety when your home is clean, simple, and organized.

1. 5 Minute Pick-Up Before Bedtime

remove clutter from life

Walking into a messy house with dirty dishes, gross countertops, clothes all over the floor, and everything out of place is a proven way to increase your anxiety level. Is it increasing your anxiety just thinking about it?! When your house is messy, your head gets messy. If your head is already filled with worries and responsibilities, it can be hard to take a breath. On the flip side of that, if your house is clean, it mentally helps to clear out that much-needed space in your head.

Picking up the clutter and putting items where they normally go will make you feel like things are in order. It will tell your brain that you are capable of figuring things out in other aspects of your life too. When everything else in your life feels like it is falling apart, you want your house to be a safe space. Each night spend 5 minutes before you go to bed, picking up. Perhaps that means putting some of the kid’s toys away or loading up the dishwasher. Don’t leave it sit out and don’t leave it for the morning. Cleaning up is a visual sign of what needs to happen mentally. Your brain is pretty savvy and these small habit changes make a big difference over time.

2. Plan and Organize Your Days Beforehand

plan and organize your days

Have a calendar or an organizer out and plan what you want your days to look like. Crossing projects off your list will boost your self-esteem, especially when you have goals you want to reach and things you need to get done. You will be proving to yourself that you have the confidence and ability to get things done and accomplish your goals. You are more likely to stick with your chores and errands if you have a pre-made schedule that tells you when to do what. Staying organized in all aspects of your life will help in reducing your stress levels. You can keep your house clean and organized by making a list of chores that you want to get done. Then, assign yourself a day to do them. You can also create a homework schedule, a time for relaxation or meditation, and even schedule time for the gym. Find all the positive components that you want to add to your life and schedule them into your daily routine.

3. Follow an Organized Routine

stay organized follow daily routine

Following a routine is one of the sure fire ways to stick to a new goal. As humans, we thrive on habits. Think of children and how much more happy (or at least less grumpy!) they are when they stick to a routine. It’s less stressful when we know what we will be doing next and how our days will look. Once you have removed all of the (physical) clutter in your life and planned and organized your days, following a routine is the next step to take in order to keep your stress levels (emotional clutter) down. This will allow you to invite more positive energy into your life. There is a feeling of safety that comes with knowing what you will do when you wake up in the morning. When you know what your afternoons, evenings, and weekends will look like there is no need to stress. A lot of anxiety stems from the fear of the unknown. You will live a more relaxed, calm, and healthy lifestyle by removing this fear.

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