Your Growth is Determined by Your Support System

Some people never really figure out what makes them happy. However, some of us realize life doesn’t have to be something we settle on. If you are on a path of personal development, you understand the importance of working from within. However, have you considered how your surroundings affect your personal growth?

Life is something we do, not something that happens to us.

If you are here, you are likely on your own spiritual and personal growth journey which began when you felt that tug of discontent deep inside. You made a decision to follow a path less traveled–to find a fulfilling and happy life. We all follow a different path but inevitably we reach a point where our growth plateaus. Unless of course, we make some shifts in our paradigms and in our surroundings. We may change some of our routines and may even begin to change some of our patterns… but at some point, we find that it becomes increasingly difficult to reach that next step of growth. It’s because we are surrounded by negativity and people that don’t support or understand our journey.

You can only push a rock up a hill for so long before you run out of energy.

When you change your thinking… changes become inevitable. And when you surround yourself with things that influence your positive change, you begin to shift your mindset more consistently. Yellow Bodhi was created because your growth is so strongly influenced by your circle of influence: your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. We wanted a place to help fuel personal growth through an amazing support system.

Yellow Bodhi community that brings together all things that help create more happiness. It’s a place to grow your positive circle of influence, to further encourage your own growth and the growth of all human beings.

Your personal growth can only go as far as your support system will allow. Human beings can learn to be resilient but we need the support of our community in order to become the best versions of ourselves.


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