What Does it Feel Like to Truly Live?

Flying is a surreal experience for me–It’s unexplainable, remarkable, enthralling. I truly can’t put it into words but I wanted to try to do that here. From the thrill of take-off to being over 30,000 feet above the earth, it will never cease to amaze me.

On this particular flight, I set an intention to embrace every little detail of take-off to ascension. I can’t even describe the experience… As I kept my hand over my heart, I felt pure love and joy fill my body. I felt truly alive.

Now I watch as the world creeps by so slowly beneath me. The clouds drifting around me and at times engulfing the plane. So much is happening in the world I’m watching from above. It seems so small from this high up. Flying puts life into perspective.

We are such small pieces of the puzzle of the universe and we have such a short time on this planet. Yet, we dwell on things that really are insignificant. I’m reminded in moments like this to really let go.

I truly feel so alive when on an airplane. My heart is full and I can feel love engulf my entire body. I’m at peace. It’s in these moments when I’m living authentically and being true to myself. I learn from these moments about how to take this feeling into all aspects of my life.

We are meant to feel alive!

Our lives are simply a blip on the radar of the universe. Why waste this amazing gift worrying and stressing? Feeling alive is what makes life worth living. It’s a beautiful thing, to truly feel alive. Yet, I think not many people ever get to.

This is my happy place. Peace surrounds me and I’m reminded how powerful I can be in my centered state.

The sun is shining on my face, I’m going to turn up Ben Howard and embrace every last detail of the rest of this flight. My playlist is also a huge part of the experience. On this flight, I listened to Ben Howard’s “I forgot Where We Were.” It’s an amazing album and I highly recommend it!

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