Never Let Anyone Hold You Back From Living The Life You Want

People often try to tell us the life that we should live as if they know what’s best for us. They want you to have a stable job and a career that can support a family. They have all of these expectations for your life, and if you have different dreams and goals it’s not okay. Sometimes it can feel like all the people around you who are supposed to be your biggest cheerleaders are actually the ones holding you back. However, it is so important to realize that it’s their fear that’s holding you back. They are scared that the life you want isn’t what’s best for you. Don’t let someone else’s fears hold you back from living the life that you want.

Get Out Of Your ‘Comfort Zone’

get out of your comfort zone

We see people living these idealistic dream lives and we imagine how happy we would be if we just had the courage to get out of our comfort zones. However, if you have dreams and goals for your life that you’re not working towards because you’re scared of leaving your comfort zone I have a question for you. I want you to truly ask yourself if you are comfortable. Are you comfortable in this life you have now? So often people respond by saying “no.” They are not comfortable. They are stressed, and anxious, and depressed, and so desperately want a change for their life. So, again, I will ask, if you are not comfortable, how are you staying in your comfort zone?

Set Goals

set goals for your life

Goals are basically dreams with a deadline. Goals allow you to make a plan and stick with it in order for your dreams to become a reality. Throughout your journey, there will be people who don’t believe in you. There will be people who think your ideas are crazy, unrealistic, and not practical. However, goals are your way of proving them wrong. Goals are your way of putting a plan of action in place in your life. Think about what you truly want your life to look like. Don’t think about what society says you should do or what people say is practical. Think about what your dream life would be if it could be. Now, make daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Set little things in motion so that you are working towards this life a little bit every single day.

Live Life The Way You Want To

live your won life way you want to

You are worthy of living the way you want. You are worthy of true joy and happiness. Don’t let other people dictate the life that you deserve to live. You really can make anything happen. When there is a will there is a way. I know that it is hard to go against the pressures of society. I know it is hard to feel like you are not living up to the expectations of friends and family. But, you need to live up to your own expectations as well.

There is nothing that will feel as good as your dream life. And, nothing and no one should try to stand in the way of that. I know it can be scary feeling like you are leaving your comfort zone. But, as long as you set realistic and attainable goals, you can hold yourself accountable. Every time you make just a little bit of progress, treat it as another sign showing you that you are on the right path. We are all deserving of making the most out of this existence, and maybe you by being true to yourself and your dreams, you can inspire a few other people along the way.

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