Kill Them With Kindness – It Can Change The World

A simple act of kindness really can make all the difference in someone’s life. It can brighten up someone’s day and put a smile on a stranger’s face. However, what happens when there are people we encounter who don’t really seem to deserve our kindness. When you think about it, spreading love, joy, and positivity to people who are also nice is easy. It’s easy to want to do something nice for someone who we feel deserves it. Being nice to the people are not so nice back is what becomes a challenge. But, staying positive and continuing to spread that kindness is what will help make this world a better place.

Make Sure You Have The Right Mindset

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When you value yourself, it is easy to see when someone else is not treating you the way that you know you deserve. This is why mindfulness in everyday life is so important. It allows you to kindly and eloquently get your point across without losing your cool. When your mind, body, and soul all feel perfectly aligned, you are unstoppable. You are the strongest you will ever be and that power brings confidence. This confidence is what will allow you to stand up for yourself in a calm and level-headed way if customers at work are being rude, or if random strangers on social media find it necessary to be nasty. You won’t feel the need to stoop down to their level because you know you’re worth more than that.

Kindness Is Key

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When you combat other people’s rude behavior with kindness, it throws people for a loop. Sometimes people are just looking to pick a fight. Some people are either in a bad mood or simply in a mood to argue. When you argue back, you are feeding them and giving them exactly what they want. By choosing kindness instead, it wakes them up. It mirrors the exact opposite of what they are doing and it usually surprises them because most people don’t choose to be kind all the time.

The next time there is a negative person or a negative situation going on around you, I urge you to go out of your way to be kind. Try your best to find the positive. When you have a positive mindset already, it makes it much easier to simply express that in these moments. You will be surprised how much people need kindness and how kindness truly has the power to change the world that we live in.

Don’t Let Negativity Ruin Your Day

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So often, we let one bad conversation or one unkind person ruin our entire day. Why? Why do we allow this to happen? By choosing kindness, we are making the decision to prioritize our own mental and emotional well-being. We are kind to others because we are first kind to ourselves. This will benefit your life in two ways. It means that negative people won’t get under your skin as much. Their negativity won’t take away from your positive mindset. And, if they are lucky, some of that positivity will rub off on them.

The other benefit is that you will be focused on being kind to yourself. How can we expect others to treat us kindly when we are our own worst critics? How can you want others to treat you the way you know you deserve when you don’t even treat yourself that well? By choosing positivity and kindness for yourself, you are giving yourself what you deserve. And, you are putting yourself in a position to spread that strength, positivity, and kindness to the world around you.

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