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How Practicing Daily Gratitude Can Improve Your Life

We often talk about being grateful for what we have in life and focusing on the good instead of dwelling on the bad. However, being positive and having a positive mindset is a little different than having gratitude. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. Gratitude allows you to be grateful and encourages you to return kindness to others. It’s easy to want to give back to others when we feel like we’ve been given so much. But, how often do we actually return the favor?

I have a friend who loves the idea of charity and feels so blessed when she is constantly given things. However, when I asked if she ever returns the favor and gives to other people she said, “giving is not my gift.” I couldn’t believe this because she had been given so much in her life, and yet she had no desire or need to give back. She was under the impression that she didn’t have enough time or money to give anything. But, in reality, it was clear that she simply wasn’t practicing gratitude to the fullest extent in her life.

Giving Gratitude

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Giving is a direct result of having gratitude in your life. It is so easy to feel like you don’t have enough time, money, or resources to currently give anything, but that is simply not true. We give people our attention all the time. We give people love, we give advice, we give homecooked meals. There are so many ways to spread gratitude. For example, when I was in college and had no money, I made time to write thank you letters to every single person or organization who gave me a scholarship. I gave thanks and gave a little insight into how much that scholarship money meant to me. I think it’s important to understand that giving is not something that only certain people can do. Anyone can make giving gratitude a priority in their life.

Focus On What You’re Thankful For

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Every day when you wake up, remind yourself to be thankful that you are living another day. Be thankful for your bed and your blankets. When we are thankful for the smallest things in life, it can really change our outlook. We are no longer bitter or obsessing over the things that we want or don’t have yet, instead, we are happier and more positive because we are focusing on what we do have. It’s always helpful for me to see others who seem to have way less than I do, and yet they are so much happier. They appreciate every little thing that they have, and so they don’t need to worry about what is missing.

It’s a work in progress, but I have been focusing a lot of the food that I have to eat. I’m so grateful that I have the ability to buy healthy fruits and vegetables. I’m so lucky that I can have fresh drinking water and prioritize my health in the way that I do. When we start to realize all these basic luxuries that we take for granted, it makes understand that other people don’t even have that.

Return Kindness to Others

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Spread the love and spread the kindness to as many people as you possibly can. When we live a life filled with gratitude and gratefulness, we are more excited to share those qualities with other people. This will, in turn, make the world a happier and more positive place. Be kind to others. Give back when you can. Remember all the things in your life that you can be grateful for and it will give you a more positive outlook on the world. There’s always going to be negativity in the world, but we can choose to focus on the good, and spread that kindness and positivity to others. We really do have the power to make a difference, but it starts with ourselves in our own lives. Try focusing your mindset on gratitude and see how it changes your life.

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