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When Does Change Happen In Our Lives?

Change can be a very scary thing for a lot of us. It shifts our entire world around. We are suddenly not able to live in a familiar comfort zone. Sometimes change can feel like it’s being forced upon us, or that we are pushed up against a wall. However, usually, things get to a point where choosing to do something differently becomes a necessary plan of action. Sometimes, change becomes our only option in life. Someone once said that change happens when the pain of remaining the same becomes worse than the pain of changing. When we truly think about this, it makes us realize that for a lot of us, change is a survival mechanism.

Change Can Be An Escape Route

change can be escape route

Change is defined as “becoming different.” A lot of times, change can be a form of therapy. When life becomes overwhelming, and we feel like we have run out of options, the only thing left is to simply admit that we need something different. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, leaving their comfort zone is not something that is embraced. For so many of us, the idea of shifting our mindset, lifestyle, or values is something that we fight. We actively fight against our life becoming different because what we are used to is more comfortable. And, nothing changes until your life becomes something that you need to escape from. This is unfortunate, and not the way that we should have to live.

Understand Yourself

understand fear change growth

Don’t let your life get to the point where you feel trapped or pushed up against a wall. Don’t let yourself rely on the hope of something different as the only source of happiness you can see. When we invest in ourselves and our lives early on, we can choose to embrace and accept these changes before it becomes such a painful decision. True growth comes when we accept what we need in life and actually take steps to provide that for ourselves.

The key is being in tune with your mind, body, and soul enough to understand when that shift is necessary. It is important to allow ourselves the flexibility to change our minds, our goals, and even our life paths. Nothing has to be so set in stone. So often, we trap ourselves and resist change simply because we have been made to feel like certain changes would be bad when they wouldn’t be.

Embrace The Difference

embrace good change

While some people think change is scary and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be viewed through this lens of negativity. Our shifting lives can actually be a very beautiful thing. When we choose to think positively about our growth and personal development, it makes leaving the past behind much easier to do. When we choose to have high hopes for our future, even if it is different than what we might have expected, we are taking the control back. Just because change can be painful, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be welcomed and appreciated. There is value and empowerment that comes with embracing where life takes us.

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