There Is A Difference Between Working Hard And Overworking

There is no doubt that people value hard work. There is a lot to be said for someone who follows through on their commitments and does a great job. When someone has an incredible work ethic where they finish everything on time and take pride in a job well done, they become valuable to other people. There is a certain level of accountability and trust that hard workers tend to exude. Other people notice that. However, being a hard worker is usually a value and trait that comes from within. We either don’t want to let people down, or we feel like we have to follow through on our commitments. Those aren’t bad things by any means. However, it is very important to understand the difference between working hard and overworking.

It’s Okay To Say No

say no hard work overwork

It can actually be surprisingly easy to overwork yourself. Perhaps there are a lot of projects that you are passionate about and you truly feel like you would be letting people down if you didn’t donate your time. There have been so many times when I was walking home and beating myself up about agreeing to do this or that. When your schedule is super busy, you are actually doing yourself a disservice by taking more on because it means everything else you are doing will suffer. Time management is a key factor in success and longevity.

Remember that it’s okay to say no. It’s actually empowering to stand up for yourself and value your time so much. When we say no to certain things, it’s because we are prioritizing our previous commitments. On the other hand, sometimes we simply don’t want to work really hard on projects that we aren’t super passionate about. And, that’s okay too. Your time is valuable and so is your happiness and peace of mind. Do what’s right for you, and say no to what isn’t.

Will Overworking Improve Your Life In The Long Run?

overworking worth benefit

Have you ever felt like all you were doing was working? For a lot of us, our work life takes up most of our life but nobody seems to view this as overworking. Unfortunately, it often feels like we don’t have a choice in the matter. Eight hours out of every day must go to a job or a career, and then once we are old enough to retire we might be able to live the life that we truly want. However,  If we don’t have a solid understanding of how this will benefit our lives in the long run, it will be easy for that hard work to become extremely taxing on your physical and mental health.

Once you find your core motivators, the reasons why your hard work is worth it, you will feel a sense of freedom in your hard work. However, if you constantly feel like you are overworking and have no idea why you are trying so hard, this work might not be something that will benefit your life in the long run. Hard work comes with a balance, but overworking does not.

Everyone Needs A Break

take a break

It’s important to understand that even work you love doing still warrants a break every once in a while. So often, we put ourselves down for having downtime or relaxing for a few hours or even a day. But, our bodies need a break in order to rejuvenate. Sometimes we like to look at our bodies as machines. We keep pushing them and pushing them because we believe they can take it. However, this mentality can be damaging because every machine comes to a breaking point. There is a reason why we need to take cars in for maintenance. Even machines need a break and some rebuilding. Our bodies and physical health are no different.

In order to prevent hard workers from overworking, many people find it helpful to actually schedule their downtime. That way they can truly relax both mentally and physically without constantly thinking about what they should be doing instead. Nobody doubts that hard work is a valuable trait, but overworking is not. And, in order to find that balance and true joy that comes from a job well done, a priority also needs to be placed on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.