love yourself

The Value of Learning To Love Yourself

Let me ask you something, do you like who you are? Would you enjoy spending alone time with just yourself? So often, people emphasize the importance of who we surround ourselves with. However, a more important question might be to ask if we are a good influence on ourselves. Sometimes we get into bad habits of damaging self-talk where we are constantly telling ourselves that we are stupid. If you are beating yourself up every time you make a simple mistake, you’re not loving yourself. Learn to love yourself and everything you do will be changed for the better.

Focus On Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement

Your mindset really can make a huge difference in your overall self-worth. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are going to make mistakes or that you can’t do anything right, not only will you make more mistakes but you will also have terrible self-esteem. When we focus on positive reinforcement and filling our mind with love and encouragement for ourselves as well as others, it changes everything. You will never be able to truly love or accept other people if you first can’t love and accept yourself. Imagine how you would talk to your best friends if they made a mistake or were feeling down. Are you talking to yourself with that same respect? Positive reinforcement encourages healthy growth.

Be Kind To Yourself

be kind to yourself

Kindness is something that comes from within. It’s hard to be kind to others when we aren’t being kind to ourselves. And, it’s hard to love others when you are not extending that same love to yourself. You will wear yourself thin if every ounce of positivity is being given away to everyone around you. However, if you give yourself all the kindness in the world, you will be much quicker to share that with others.

When I was in college, my roommate was extremely negative. She was constantly calling herself stupid or an idiot when she would make simple mistakes. She never thought anything of it because she had such low self-esteem and self-worth. However, when I subconsciously started doing this to myself simply because I was around her so much, she noticed! She didn’t like that I was demeaning myself. I was worth so much more than that. It was then that she realized how damaging and detrimental her words and mindset could be. If you wouldn’t want someone else saying it to themselves, don’t say it to yourself because it probably isn’t kind.

To Love Yourself, You Have To Understand Yourself

love understand yourself

Understanding who you are starts with an intrinsic sense of value and self-worth. If we all held onto this belief that humans are intrinsically good, it would be so much easier to focus on the beautiful aspects of this world and yourself. They say that we accept the love that we think we deserve. This implies that we have to have an idea of what we deserve simply based on who we are. If we could manifest self-worth, positivity, and a true understanding of our place on this earth, finding our purpose would be easy. Giving ourselves value wouldn’t be so difficult. Understanding that love is something that everyone deserves is an intrinsic part of a healthy self-care routine. When you truly focus your mind on understanding who you are and loving yourself the way that you are, your quality of life will gain so much value.