live in the present

Live In The Present

We often hear people telling us to live in the present and embrace this moment before it’s gone. However, that is a lot easier said than done. People who live in the present usually don’t seem to have a lot of baggage that they are carrying around with them that is pulling them back to the past. They also might not have a lot of responsibilities that force them to think about the future constantly. Or, maybe those are just excuses you are telling yourself as to why you can’t live life like that. The truth of the matter is, living in the present is a mindset. It takes discipline and mindfulness to actively focus on loving and enjoying each present moment. And, it is a truly beautiful thing when you can master it.

Put The Past Behind You

put past behind you

Let’s be honest, we all have stuff in our past that we would prefer to keep behind us. Many of us don’t like the idea of our past defining us. However, our past does shape us into who we are today. Think about it. Have you made certain decisions because of what happened in your past that led you to where you are today? Instead of looking at our past like a bad or embarrassing thing, we should be looking at our past as an incredible story.

Life is a journey and if our goal is to truly embrace the present, we have to recognize what led us here in the first place. Let go and release any thoughts or beliefs that your past defines you in a negative way. Take back the power and embrace your past for every good thing it has led to. In order to truly live peacefully and joyfully in the present, we must first have peace and acceptance about our past. It’s not about not looking back, it’s about not letting your past hold you back.

Don’t Fear The Future

don't fear the future

For a lot of us, thinking about the future can be scary. We might fear that we won’t be where we want to be. However, the best way to not fear the future is to not waste time in the present. Self-doubt can prevent more dreams from coming true than anything else simply because it convinces us to stop trying. The future does not have to be scary. It can be exciting and hopeful.

Another important lesson that I have learned about the future is that it’s not guaranteed. As much as we have these goals and hopes for our life that we want to come true, every day is truly a gift. We never know what is going to happen and that is why enjoying each moment that you have now will give you more peace and ease about the future. When you live your life for yourself and make decisions that are right for you, you won’t look back with regrets.

Live In The Moment

live in the moment

Don’t let your fear or self-doubt prevent you from living happily in the moment. The future is coming no matter what. And, you will never fully know if all your goals and plans will be fully achieved by a certain deadline in the future that you set for yourself. Stop stressing about the future and just embrace whatever is to come. We have the freedom to enjoy the present moment. When you decide to do what you love in life and truly live for yourself, there is nothing to fear about what’s to come because you are happy. No matter where you are in your journey, choosing happiness at the moment will give you peace.