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Are You Doing What Matters Most To You In Life?

Getting our priorities straight is something that is always preached, but many of us don’t actually look into our own lives and analyze them fully. If you were to truly step back and look at your daily life, are you doing what matters most to you? So often, the answer is no. So often, people say they wish they could spend less time at work and more time with their kids. Many people wish they could take up a hobby and work on more passion projects. However, time and money seem to be the two things that are holding them back. But, what if that was just a lie that we believe? What if the only thing holding you back from the life you truly want to live was you?

Decide What Your Dream Life Looks Like

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Sometimes we are closer to our dream life than we even realize it. For some people, all they want is to be able to sleep in, cook breakfast with their family, and enjoy the start of the day without a blasting alarm clock waking them up. This may be an easy fix. Perhaps you work fewer hours at work so you can come in later, or you find a different job with hours that work best for your ideal life. Dream lives¬†will look different for everyone, but it’s important to remember that they are not as out of reach as we think they are. We simply have to be willing to make the change. We have to want this new life more than anything because then we will be willing to work to make it happen.

Can You Make The Change?

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Often times, people say that they are not happy with their lives. They act like they would love to be living in a simpler or more meaningful way. Sometimes these people might even act jealous when someone’s life looks better than theirs. However, many people are still not willing to make the change. They say they want to do what matters most to them, but when it comes down to it, staying comfortable matters more. Often times, people who hate their jobs will stay there simply because it is what’s familiar to them.

It’s time to truly look inside yourself. Are you doing what matters most to you in life? Are you willing to make a change? Change can be scary. And, it often happens when we feel like we have no other options. But, don’t wait until you’re pushed up against a wall to start living a life that matters to you.

Create Your Own Happiness

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There is no doubt that doing life a little different can be scary. Making your own path and going against the social norm is overwhelming. But, it can be so worth it when you finally achieve the life that you want. When you look back on everything, you’re going to want to say that you lived with no regrets and did everything you could to optimize happiness in each moment. Although life can be scary and intimidating, doing what matters most to you won’t ever be a regret.

There is a family I know who live on a bus and travel around the world with their kids. They are working remote jobs now and appear to have an amazing life. They are living their dream life and doing what matters most to them. However, it took a family tragedy to make them realize that things needed to change. Don’t wait for life to happen before you truly start living. Create your own happiness. Decide how you want to live, and make the change.