Don’t Let Goals Get in The Way of Your Happiness – Enjoy the Journey

Goals Can Hinder Our Current Happiness

Happiness is a state of being, not something your goals can achieve. For so long my friends and I were constantly working towards what we thought would give us happiness. There were so many goals that we wanted to achieve before we would really allow ourselves to be happy. We tried to graduate college early. We lived in a different country for a month. And, we worked towards a career that we thought would bring us happiness. The pattern never ended. There was always something around the corner that we were constantly striving for. We were putting off our happiness because we thought we would find it in those things.

However, so much of our life was being put on hold because we were so focused on the future. We never lived life to the fullest because we were so reliant on our beliefs that true happiness would come from the goals we were working towards. Goals are a great way to stay motivated, but they should never prevent you from appreciating your current happiness.

Appreciate Every Stage Of Your Life

As someone who constantly tries to strive for personal improvement, I find myself thinking about the future a lot. I never fully feel at peace because so much of my life has been compiled of transitional periods. I am constantly working towards something bigger or better. However, it is so important to take a breath and truly appreciate each and every stage of life we are in. The years go by fast and if you are constantly putting off your happiness, you’ll find that what you have been waiting for was not even worth it.

My friend was so excited to land a full-time job after she graduated college. She thought it was her dream job until she realized that she hated it. She spiraled into a deep depression and spent a large portion of her paychecks on therapy for her anxiety. Her life was not anything that she thought it would be, but she had just spent four years working towards this life. Every stage of life is special in its own way. There is something to be learned from every struggle and every easy period. Occasionally, I notice that I have a bad habit of putting myself down for having an easy period in my life. Instead, I should be enjoying this temporary time because it won’t last forever.

Learn To Be Happy In The Present Moment

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to be happy in the present moment. I look back on my four years of high school and all I remember is wanting to get out of that town. When I think about college, all I think about is planning schedules and taking extra classes. There were so many good memories I had with friends. We would joke about being broke college students, eat terrible meals, and go on spontaneous adventures late at night. However, I wish I did more of those things. Instead, I was focused on financial freedom and the promise of a good job.

There are always going to be things in life that we want to work towards. We might believe that we will be happier if we do certain things and achieve certain goals, but please don’t forget to cherish the life that you are living now. You don’t want to look back on these years and feel like they were all just stepping stones. Life is made up of single moments and single days that eventually turn into memories that last a lifetime. Treat every moment with importance because if you can’t learn to be happy with what you have now, you’ll never be satisfied with what you want.

Happiness Is Not A Destination

Prioritize your own happiness and learn to truly be at peace with where you are in the present moment. It will actually help you to achieve our goals more quickly. The inner peace that will come with that acceptance will actually give you the healthy energy and motivation that you need to create positive change in your life. When you are so focused on achieving your goals because that is when you can finally be happy, you may feel like you are running on fumes. Nothing is fueling you now except the hope of happiness later on.

Happiness is not a destination to arrive at but something that can be experienced at every stage of your life. That realization will make you feel rejuvenated. You will no longer feel like you’re wasting your time working towards something. Once you realize that happiness can be achieved right where you are, every day will feel brighter. And, you will have a more positive outlook on your future and your goals.