how to create meaning & purpose in life

How To Create Meaning & Purpose in Life

What does it mean to want a meaningful life? It’s a loaded question because we all extract meaning from different things. For some people, having kids would fill their life with meaning and purpose. For others, excelling in their career would be super meaningful. Perhaps just having a simple life filled with friends and family is your definition of a meaningful life. When we have people around us that make us better people and help us grow, we never stop discovering the endless amounts of meaning that there are in this world. Finding meaning in life helps us to feel like we have a purpose. And, we can create meaning in our lives by doing what we love and living a life we can be proud of.

Do What You Love

do what you love

Doing what you truly love in life has become somewhat of a lost art. Following your dreams and going after what you feel would truly make you happy all sounds well and good, but our society doesn’t seem to support it. We are often encouraged to live life on the safe side. Take the job with the most security. Save money for the future. Constantly be planning, working, waiting. By the time we retire, we hopefully have a few years left to truly do whatever we want without the stress or pressure of doing what we feel we are supposed to. Doing what you love in life might not be the most popular idea among those around you. However, you don’t need the approval of other people to make your dreams come true. Start living a life that you love and you will be filled with peace, joy, and happiness.

Live A Life You Can Be Proud Of

Live a life you can be proud of

Think about all the risks you didn’t take. Think about all the opportunities you let slip away because someone told you they were unrealistic or too hard to achieve. Now, imagine how you would feel if you went for it anyway. Imagine having no shame in boldly going after the life you want. When you live a life that you can be proud of, you cultivate meaning in everything you do. You work with purpose and dedication because your work is a representation of your passion.

Take a moment to analyze your life. Are you proud of it? If you can say yes, that is amazing. But, if there are certain aspects that you aren’t so proud of, they don’t have to stay like that. Take action. Start analyzing what you truly want in your life and what you would like to accomplish and then go for it. Simply trying is something to be proud of.

Meaning Is Everywhere

meaning is everywhere

People can find meaning in a sunset, a cool breeze, or even the sound of the ocean. Others find meaning by traveling to a new country or seeing life through someone else’s eyes. The amazing and wonderful part of this world is that there is meaning to be found everywhere. We as humans have the ability to constantly be growing and learning. Every time we learn something new, we discover a new opportunity to find meaning. For some people, it’s the little moments in life. The picture perfect day or a memorable evening. For others, it’s the huge accomplishments and milestones that give their life meaning. We are all different and unique. But, the amazing thing is that meaning is everywhere. We simply have to find it.