Leaving Your Comfort Zone Can Be Hard, But Are You Comfortable?

When we think about our comfort zones, we don’t necessarily think about what makes us feel happy. Usually, safety comes to mind. This idea of minimizing risks is associated with our comfort zone. It is comfortable because it is what we are used to. It is comfortable because it’s not something different. However, how many of us are truly happy living in our “comfort zones”? For a lot of us, this idea of living in a comfort zone isn’t actually comfortable. It is stressful. We are constantly anxious and unfulfilled. We might know what our days and weeks will look like, and this gives the impression of stability. But, if this life inside a comfort zone is not the life you want to live, you need to leave!

Don’t Be Scared To Leave Your Comfort Zone

For some reason, society has made leaving your comfort zone a very hard and scary thing to do. I personally find this fear tactic used as a way of controlling society. People don’t like change and they don’t always like something new and unconventional. So, people are convinced to stay in their comfort zones and live a straight and narrow life simply because the alternative is said to be too scary. I want you to remember that it’s okay to be scared. Being scared to take a risk and follow your dreams shows that you care. However, don’t let this fear and doubt stop you from leaving your comfort zone. Use this as fuel to reach the life you’ve always wanted.

Comfort Zones Are Not Always Comfortable

I know it sounds a little contradictory, but comfort zones are not always comfortable. Think about it. How often do we say that we are scared to leave our comfort zones, but then realize that it wasn’t really living up to its name? The definition of a comfort zone is “a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.” Do you feel that in your current life? In your current situation are you at ease and without stress? It can be easy for us to build up this sense of safety around what we are used to. This is why some people are completely “comfortable” in the midst of chaos. They are simply used to living in that state of being. Sometimes they aren’t even aware of the stress and anxiety in their life until they realize that it is possible to live without it.

Find Your True Comfort Zone

I challenge you to find what you’re true comfort zone is. Evaluate your life and truly think about what you want it to look like. Imagine what your dream life could be. Imagine how comfortable you could actually be if you stopped letting fear and societal judgments get in your way. Think about why you have viewed your current situation as a comfort zone for so long. Does it feel safe? Does it feel familiar? Is it what you want? When you find your true passion and purpose for life, nothing compares to the comfort and joy that you will receive from knowing that you are in the right place. Find your true comfort zone, and embrace how good it feels.