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Can Love Really Conquer All?

Can love really conquer all? We hear this idea all of the time where this ideal of love and peace is something that is completely attainable in the world that we live in. However, it doesn’t always seem to be all that simple. The issue arises when we realize that loving someone also means at least partially accepting them for who they are. If there are intrinsic truths that you hold very dear to your life, love isn’t always going to convince others to think the way that you do, or see the world the way that you do. People are different. And, that is what makes this world so unique, and diverse, and special. However, with those differences it becomes very difficult for love to truly conquer all.

Love Doesn’t Fight Wars

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Unfortunatley, we live in a world where war exists. There are different people in different countries who see the world so differently. Some are even willing to fight and die for their worldview to succeed. When someone is willing to die fighting against you, it becomes almost impossible to use love to get them to be on your side. We are emotional people. We do make decisions based on our feelings, but that doesn’t mean that core values are going to change. There are so many people who love each other but because they disagree on just about everything, they can’t be togehter. When we magnify this to a worldwide scale, we start to see intolerance. People can’t stand others not having the same views as them and so they try to make the world a better place.

Intolerance Isn’t Changed Through Love

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Intolerance is something I’ve unfortunatley learned doesn’t go away just by loving someone. You can show someone all the love and kindness in the world, but that doesn’t mean they will do the same for other people. Many of my friends are completely intolerant to those living a lifestyle that is different than theirs. They go so far as to try and change them to make them fit their ideology. When this is the mindset of people we are dealing with, love doesn’t change the fact that they want the world to be different. Some people are not open minded. Some people refuse to change because they are absolutely convinced they are right. And, when you have these kinds of mindsets in the world, love will only make a dent.

Education And An Open Mind Make All The Difference

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Education is one of the most important things every individual can have in this world. So often we take our education and our knowledge for granted. But, it is truly a gift that we can use to our advantage. When you have an education, you are able to think critically about all aspects of life and the issues facing our world. With critical thinking comes many different view points and paths. Critical thinking opens up a person’s mind and allows them to see the world through other people’s points of view.

When we as a society have a better understanding of who other people are and why they act the way they do or hold the values that they do, it’s easier for us not to judge them. All of us use our instincts to make judgements about people. However, judgements are not always correct. Sometimes all a person needs is a little more information for their opinion about someone to change. And, when opinions change, it makes our world more peaceful because we understand and respect why others live different lives. Of course, core values such as good conquering evil should always be fought for. And, love is essential to an amazing life, but it’s not the only ingredient.


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