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Self-Acceptance Is The Key To Happiness

Self-Acceptance is widely understood as the ability to embrace and appreciate who you are as a person. However, self-acceptance is widely tied to the idea of self-esteem. If we are constantly thinking poorly of ourselves or feeling less than other people, it might be important to analyze which parts of yourself you aren’t fully accepting. The parts of yourself that you haven’t accepted are going to be the cause of your low self-esteem. Psychology Today explains that when we are self-accepting, we are able to embrace all facets of ourselves. Not just the positive or good parts.

Self-Acceptance Is Unconditional

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There doesn’t have to be any qualifications for you to accept yourself. You should accept who you are simply because you are valuable in your own right. True self-acceptance is unconditional and doesn’t require any qualifications. Simply having awareness of our faults, weaknesses, or our limitations should not get in the way of our ability to accept ourselves fully. We all have negative traits or things that make us not perfect. However, we so often accept other people even when they make mistakes. It’s because we understand that everyone is human and having a messy but amazing life can actually be a perfect balance. So, if we can extend this acceptance to other people on a regular basis, we should be able to give it to ourselves as well.

Do The People Around Us Accept Us?

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This is an important question because usually, the aspects of ourselves that are the hardest to fully embrace and accept are the cause of other people not accepting them first. Think about how you grew up. Were your parents constantly trying to change certain things about you? As you got older and started making different friends, were there certain traits you know they didn’t accept? We are the product of the people and the world around us. When others either consciously or subconsciously tell us something, it sticks. So, maybe you hate your laugh because others made fun of it. Or, you hate the fact that you’re overly emotional because you feel like a cry-baby. It’s important to remember that whatever aspects of yourself that you are not accepting usually stems from others not accepting them first. However, you are ultimately in control of accepting yourself and creating intrinsic value.

Happiness And Self-Acceptance Go Together

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Your level of self-acceptance determines your level of true happiness. It’s hard to be a happy person when you don’t accept who you are as a person. When you accept yourself, you are also allowing yourself to accept more happiness. When we promote intrinsic positivity, we draw that in and desire more of that abundance. Accepting happiness, truly receiving it, and enjoying it is much easier when you feel like you deserve it. You are worth all that joy coming your way. If you have a hard time accepting help from other people, or gifts, or even just random acts of kindness, it might be because you aren’t accepting yourself. You intrinsically feel like you aren’t worth those good things. However, when we focus on loving ourselves fully, that acceptance will come.