The power of a community can move mountains.
Life is continuing to become more complicated. What is the tipping point? When do we realize that we have pushed ourselves, our planet, our children, our society too far? Each day we hear of more tragedy and terror facing our world. The time to act is now, and it’s within our power to change the world. It’s not out of our reach. Together we can make a difference.

Most people lack meaningful connections in life and this has a profound impact on our happiness and ability to grow.

Happiness is the framework for which our entire lives are built upon. Yet, we neglect it each and every day. As children we are naturally care-free & happy. Then as we progress into adulthood, we are taught to become fearful & stressed.

↠ Why are Happiness, purpose, self-care and personal development so important?

Happiness is the root of compassion, creativity, positive energy and opportunities for success in life along with mental and physical well-being. We find happiness when we connect to our true purpose. For those of us who strive to help create a better world, becoming happier and helping others become happier is the key. You can’t pour from an empty bucket.

What better gift can you give a loved one than the love you share, a smile, a hug and pure joy? And what better gift would you want to receive? Happiness is not only important to us as individuals but as a society. It’s important to our global community. We can see in our world how unhappiness breeds so much hatred through war and terror. Our world needs happiness more now than ever before.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account, it doesn’t matter what your job title is, it doesn’t matter where you live… we are a community of human beings who all want the same thing in life. We want happiness and purpose.

↠ Will you take action and make a difference? 

Together we can and will thrive. Here at Yellow Bodhi we take care of our whole self: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Be part of the community that nourishes your soul and the earth.

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