Yellow Bodhi is a personal growth hub for heart-centered people. We are dedicated to helping you live a life full of purpose, joy, and happiness.

We provide our members with the… connections, community support, education and resources needed to live courageous, purposeful and fulfilled lives. We believe that living a life of purpose is a holistic process that includes mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and environmental care. At Yellow Bodhi, we support you in all areas of growth.

Here’s How:

  • Connect IRL (in-real-life) at our Mastermind Meetings
  • Connect via phone when life gets hectic through Mastermind Calls
  • Ad-free Digital Community, your safe haven for meaningful conversations and personal growth support
  • Network with other heart-centered individuals and businesses
  • Find volunteer opportunities to support causes that you care about
  • 10% of all membership fees are donated to the charity of your choice